Our profession is to clean your air !

      PRAMIT HVAC Filters & Accessories Industry Trade Limited Company was established in Istanbul/Turkey in 2006. The registered Turkish name of the company is “Pramit Filtre ve Klima Aksesuar San. Tic. Ltd.”.

      PRAMIT gained experience throughout the years in the HVAC market and developed its own design EN-779 compliant antibacterial filters in 2012. Following the successful test results and feedbacks from the customers and end users, our original filter was certified and also patented by Turkish Patent and Trademark Office under the name of “PRAMIT” in 2018.

      PRAMIT is also providing all necessary types of filters (from HEPA to shelter filters) and the required accessories (valves, foundation supports etc.) for all HVAC systems for its customers, including the marine sector.

      Manufacturers, service providing agents and also the end customers, having technical departments (i.e. hotels, hospitals, campus organizations etc.) maintaining their own HVAC systems are the main customer groups of PRAMIT in Turkish and foreign markets.